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Family Dental Care for Coppell and Beyond

At Sandy Lake Dental, we place a special emphasis on prevention. Our philosophy is that it’s much easier to prevent dental problems than to treat them after they have already started causing you issues. We’d rather save you the headache! We’ll partner with you to not only treat common oral health problems, but stop them before they even start. This will allow our team to use conservative treatments that save you time, money, and discomfort in the dentist’s chair.  Dr. Horton and our team all want to help you maintain a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile that will last well into your golden years.

Checkups & Cleanings

Closeup of smile during dental examDr. Horton, along with the American Dental Association, recommends that patients of all ages should see their family dentist at least twice a year for a standard checkup and cleaning. Why? Because unfortunately, brushing and flossing at home simply aren’t enough to completely take care of your teeth. These routine visits are an essential part of your overall dental care and help give you a smile you never have to worry about.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Older woman examining smile in mirrorYou’re probably well aware that if you don’t brush your teeth, plaque can build up on them and eventually give you a cavity. However, did you know it can also damage your gums? When too much plaque and bacteria accumulate along the gum line, this can cause gum disease, which is an infection that starts very subtly, but can develop into a major oral and overall health issue. Read on to learn more about this disease and how Sandy Lake Dental & Orthodontics can help you both prevent and treat it.

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Dental Sealants and Fluoride Supplements

Tooth decay is so common that 90% of adults have experienced some level of it. However, with a combination of cleanings and preventive services like dental sealants and fluoride supplements, we can give your smile an extra level of defense.

Dental sealants involve applying a thin layer of a composite resin to the back teeth to prevent food particles and bacteria from gathering on them. They are ideal for children to give their teeth a little extra protection while they are still learning how to brush.

Fluoride has been used for years in toothpastes and is often added to public water sources because it effectively fights cavities. Whenever you consume it, it adds precious minerals back to your teeth that have been lost due to tooth decay. We can supply you fluoride supplements at our office, as these days, people are getting less and less of it in their diet.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Frequent bad breath, known as halitosis, isn’t just an embarrassing problem caused by potent foods—it can also be a sign of gum disease. However, with frequent cleanings, diligent care at home, careful instruction, and gum disease treatment, it’s possible to control your halitosis and prevent it from worsening.

TMJ Treatment/Therapy

If you put your fingers on your head right in front of your earlobes and move your jaw, you’ll be able to feel your TMJ, or temporomandibular joints. These joints, like others in your body, can become strained and injured, and this can lead to a variety of problems like chronic pain, a stiff jaw, headaches, and ear aches. At Sandy Lake Dental & Orthodontics, we will always look at your TMJ during regular checkups and can offer you a custom-made oral appliance to treat the problem at its source.

Pediatric Care

Are you looking for a practice that will help your young son or daughter? Bring them to Sandy Lake Dental & Orthodontics. We’re always excited to help children learn the importance of oral health and will strive to make every visit—especially the first one—a positive experience.

At their first visit, we’ll take them around the office so they can meet everyone and get used to the new sights and sounds. We’ll make every effort to ensure their comfort and will never rush them. We’ll then perform a short oral exam and cleaning while they sit in your lap. After that, you and your doctor can talk about the best ways to take care of their smile moving forward.

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